Become more beautiful with age

Actif Suprême

– Innovative formulation
– HHygienic application
– Developed for mature skin

"We have it in our own hands to look young longer. That's exactly why I develop innovative care products with firming and healing effects for the skin". - Dr. Karin Dominik

What is Actif Suprême?

Actif Suprême is a cosmetic product line with caring and healing properties. Together with specialists from the cosmetic and aesthetic fields, we found the perfect combination of an applicator with electric vibration and a new formula.


The cream or serum can be applied in portions and hygienically. Massaging with electric vibration allows the even intensity of pressure to be applied to the areas to be treated. By changing the direction, on the one hand a smoothing of the skin is achieved and on the other hand the scar tissue is detached from the subcutis. Thus no bulge develops. The tightening is already done during application.

The formula not only provides the skin with moisture through hyaluronic acid, but also has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect due to its vitamin C content. This cream can also be used in the summer months because vitamin C protects the skin from UV radiation. Since the body always breaks down hyaluron, it must be supplied. This multiple sugar in the cream binds water, so the skin appears firm again.

Hygienic application

When applied by means of application, the product is not applied by hand. This prevents the possible transmission of germs on the hand.

High frequency massage

Due to the vibration of the applicator, the cream is optimally worked in. In addition, the vibrating applicator has a cooling effect and swelling is reduced.

Firming and healing

A combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E results in a completely new formula. It moisturises the skin, has an antioxidant effect and supports the healing of wounds. This results in a tightening and healing effect.


Many hours lie in the development of my previous creams. I attach great importance to health, therefore all my products are organic, without preservatives and without animal testing.

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