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Dr. Karin Dominik


Cosmetic products

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About me
My motivation

Dr. Karin Dominik

Beauty is not gender related, but depends on what we want to present and ca. Natural sustances help us illuminate our beauty.

On my website you find information of my product line. It goes without saying that the development of my cosmetic products does not involve animal testing.

Client reviews:

“ Dr Dominik is a sympathetic, friendly and competent doctor. With her help my scar now looks much lighter and better. Her products are excellent. That is why I can only recommend her. ”
“ A colleague approached me today what I did to my skin as it looks so soft and smooth. Thank you. ”
“ For more review go to docfinder.at
I am also looking forward to your feedback. ”
Robert Downer

Helpful hints & tricks

Vitamin C in summer.

Especially when exposed to bright sunlight you cannot ignore the essential nutrient vitamin C. It helps to prevent skin damage caused by UV-rays through its anti-oxidative properties.

Vitamin C, commonly known as ascorbic acid, is essential for collagen synthesis. A lack in vitamin C may result in a destruction of the cross-linking of the collagen. The region around the eyes has turned out to be most susceptible to this kind of skin damage.

Helpful hints & tricks

The importance of the magic triangle and symmetry

Findings prove that an upside-down triangle makes the face look young and fresh. This impression is enhanced by marked symmetry.

A simple lymphatic drainage considerably reduces swellings in the face.
Find a step-by-step instruction how to depuff your face with lymphatic massage.

Helpful hints & tricks

A simple way to carry out your lymphatic massage at home

A facial lymphatic massage in the morning works wonders:

Use your fingertips to open up your lymphatic system. Gently stretch the skin for several minutes just as far as it goes without pain. Then let go of the skin.
Puffy face, especially around the eyes, is considerably reduced through regular massage.