Become more beautiful as you get older.

A dream that can come true? This question was the starting point for my research. Fresh, healthy food, fun in exercise and the right care are the well-known cornerstones for a well-groomed appearance. I was looking for more. For over 10 years I have been working on recipes for creams. Especially for scars of the skin and wrinkles around the eyes you need not only an optimal recipe but also a simple but effective technique of application.


My name is Karin Dominik. I am a specialist in internal medicine. Due to my focus on endocrinology and cosmetic medicine I have been dealing with the topic of antiaging for more than 15 years. Since my earliest childhood, every cosmetic shop was more interesting for me than a toy store.

Due to my daughter's neurodermatitis illness I not only took the additional subject acupuncture but also developed my first own cream for the treatment of neurodermatitis. I very quickly realized that I had to find the solution to the problem myself.

Due to the puberty acne of my children, I developed together with my pharmacist an acne cream, which friends of my children could also use successfully. The decisive factor here was how I could intervene in the hormone cascade.


I regularly spend many hours developing problem-solving creams. These include hormone, stem cell creams, serums for the eyes and face, eye creams, body creams as well as massage, rheumatism and pain creams.

The world does not stop and my daily work brings new insights. Thanks to the great support of my friend Claudia, owner of the First Beauty Spa, (she is an allrounder in all cosmetic and aesthetic areas) we found the perfect combination of an applicator with electric vibration and the new formula.

Not only is it easier to work the cream into the skin with the vibration, and to treat swellings, but the applicator also cools the skin permanently. I attach great importance to health, so all my creams are organic, without harmful ingredients and preservatives and without animal testing.

My role model and teacher was and is Professor Huber, who combines medicine, knowledge, lifestyle, religion and curiosity. Since I come from a family of physicians, I was influenced by my parents, who see medicine as life. My father passed on to me the interest in genetics. His knowledge and love of endocrinology he was able to pass on to me very well

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