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“ My skin feels superb. This cream is simply perfect for me. ”

What’s behind Actif Suprême?

Actif Suprême is a cosmetic product line with nourishing and healing effects. Together with specialists in cosmetics and aesthetics we developed the perfect combination of an electrically powered vibrating applicator and a new formulation.

It is possible to apply the crème or serum hygienically and in portions. The massaging in through electric vibration guarantees an even distribution of pressure on the areas treated. Changing directions brings about both smoothing of the skin and reducing tensions caused by scar tissue adhering to hypodermic tissue. So, the likeliness of a hypertrophic scar is reduced. The firming effect already sets in during the application.

The innovative formula not only enhances moisturizing the skin through hyaluronic acid, but also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects due to vitamin C. The treatment is not restricted to seasons with little sun exposure as vitamin C also protects the skin again UV radiation. The fact that the level of hyaluronic acid steadily decreases makes supplements essential. This polysaccharide in the crème binds water, which makes the skin look firm and smooth.

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Dr. Karin Dominik cosmetics | Actif Suprême
Dr. Karin Dominik cosmetics | Actif Suprême

Handheld massage pen

Rich in substances

Sustainable improvement

No animal testing carried out

No preservatives

Produced in Austria

What is so extraordinary about Actif Supreme?

Hygienic application

  • Using the applicator guarantees utmost hygiene, thus eliminating the risk of hand-to-face germ transmission.

What is so extraordinary about Actif Supreme?

High-frequency massage

  • The vibration of the applicator smooths the crème into the skin. Additionally, the pen has a cooling and decongestant effect.

What is so extraordinary about Actif Supreme?

Adstringent and healing

  • A combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E yields an innovative new formulation which moisturizes the skin, is antioxidant and supports the healing process. This is the basis for toning and speeding up tissue repair.

What is so extraordinary about Actif Supreme?

Cruely free

  • So far, the development of our crèmes has taken a long time. Health is important to me, this is why all my products are organic, without preservatives and free of animal testing

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