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My philosophy

Becoming more and more beautiful with age

Make a dream come true? This quest was the starting point for my research. Fresh healthy food, fun in movement and appropriate skin care are common prerequisites for an attractive appearance. I wanted more.

For more than ten years I have been working on formulas for crèmes. Especially scars and eye wrinkles not only require a perfect formula, but also a simple and effective way of application.

I am Karin Dominik, internist. As I was specialized in endocrinology and cosmetic medicine, the issue of antiaging has been with me for more than 15 years. Since I was a little girl, any shop selling cosmetics was more attractive to me than any toy shop.

My daughter’s neurodermatitis induced my additional training in acupuncture and made me develop my first ointment to treat neurodermatitis. I soon realized that I had to start from scratch.

My children’s puberty subsequently caused me to develop an acne balm together with my chemist. Soon my children’s friends also profited from it. The crème’s success were endocrine disrupting compounds.

My line of products

On a regular basis, I spend hours developing crèmes for specific purposes. Amongst them are hormone crèmes, stem cell crèmes, eye and face sera, eye crèmes, body crèmes, massage lotions, ointments for rheumatism and analgetic crèmes.

As the world moves on, my research yields result. With the great support of my friend Claudia, who runs the “First Beauty Spa”, (she is an all-rounder in all cosmetic and aesthetic questions) we developed the perfect combination of an applicator pen using electric vibration and the new formula.n und der neuen Rezeptur.

Not only does the vibrating effect ensure better results and can swellings be treated, but also does the applicator have a lasting cooling effect on the skin. I pay great emphasis on health – that is why all my crèmes are organic, free of preservatives and without animal testing.

My professional role model and teacher has always been Professor Huber, who successfully combines medicine, knowledge, way of life, religion and curiosity. Coming from a doctors’ family, I was greatly influenced by my parents who dedicated their lives to medicine. My father passed on to me his passion for genetic engineering. He successfully conveyed to me his knowledge and love for endocrinology.

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