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  • 23. Nov. 2021
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How is „aethetical medicine“ defined?

Contrary to clinically proven medication there are studies concerning effects, risks and implacts on quality of life. Aethetic dermatological treatments can be performed either by doctors or other competent professions.

 What is the aim of aethetic dermatology?

Aesthetic dermatology primarily covers the treatment of the aging skin, which is closely linked to having been exposed to sunlight for a considerable time span. Originally this therapy was used for cancer treatments, before it made its way into aesthetic medicine. The main issues of aesthetic dermatoly are wrinkles, saggy skin, changes in pigmentation and loss of hair.

Source: Fritsch, P., Schwarz, T. (2018). Dermatologie Venerologie. Grundlagen. Klinik. Atlas. , 3. Auflage, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. doi: 10.1007/978-3-662-53647-6